Tediberto's Shut Down By Landlord

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Everything's locked up tight at Roosevelt Row's taqueria Tediberto's.

You won't be able to get your hands on one of Tediberto's exotic-tasting vegan tacos tonight, or any other night in the foreseeable future for that matter, apparently.

It's not because proprietor Yin Macatabas has changed up her infamous Roosevelt Row taqueria and late-night party spot's inconsistent operating hours yet again, but rather because its landlord has closed the place down.

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According to a pair of identical notices dated last Wednesday and taped to both of Tediberto's exterior doors, Macatabas has been locked out of the place by Metro Commercial Properties, the Tempe-based firm that manages the building at First and Roosevelt streets that houses the restaurant, due to failing to cough up rent money.

"This letter will serve as notification that the landlord has locked this suite due to non-payment of rent," the notice states.

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The notice of non-payment of rent taped to Tediberto's doors (click to enlarge).
Representatives from Metro Commercial Properties declined to comment on the matter or specify how much cash Macatabas owes. We put in a call to the phone number listed on Tediberto's Facebook page for comment on the closure, but it was not in service.

Per Arizona Revised Statutes, Tediberto's landlord has the option of seizing or selling any of the "personal property of his tenant found on the premises."

At present, however, none of Tediberto's fixtures or furnishings -- from the shiny silver couch to any of the metal sculptures on the walls -- have been removed.

In August, we reported on the fact that Macatabas and her employees were selling beer and cocktails without a license around that time late at night and during after-hours parties. Although it isn't known if Tediberto's continued liquor sales after our blog was published, the restaurant would suddenly have curtains or opaque fabric covering its windows on certain weekend nights.

While Tediberto's was been a favorite eatery and preferred hangout for local vegans and downtown area's artist and young-and-hip crowd, it didn't maintain consistent operating hours. One day it would be closed, only to open for business at 4 p.m. the next.

The Tediberto's Facebook page contains numerous inquiries from potential patrons inquiring about when the place would be open.

True to form, there currently isn't any info about Tediberto's closure on its Facebook or whether or not Macatabas will be paying her back rent.

A post made the night before the landlord locked down the property advertised that evening's taco specials states and makes what could be construed as a vague reference to the restaurant's impending closure:

"We're up late, lovers, but we won't be here forever. So hurry in!!!"

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What the hell is Carrie talking about? What attacks? Tedibertos failed to pay their landlord rent as they're legally obligated to do so and they messed that up. Also, New Times reports restaurant closings all the time. I'm glad to see this place leave Roosevelt and hopefully something plausible (and responsible) moves into this building (or even near by). 

Carrie Geisler
Carrie Geisler

You really have nothing better to do or report on then what you think is happening at Tedibertos huh? Still? The New Times is just pathetic. It's become pretty clear you have issue with this place..now it's time you get over it. More importantly, learn how to be a real journalist. Your attacks of not only this establishment but many others I have read in the past, just go to show how immature and bias your paper really is. I use to like you, picked up the issues all the time. Not now tho..now I am ashamed to admit I ever did. Please learn how to not just be total ass holes all the time. Please. Your negativity is not only hurting our city or the business you bash (that are just trying to do their own thing) but it hurts your integrity, a lot!


@Carrie Geisler apparently the New Times, which is largely about local bars and eateries, should avoid printing what happens to a place that people enjoyed? Sorry that the truth hurts? Sounds like you may know someone connected to the place and take personal offense to this article, which makes sense but doesn't hide the fact that this place changed it's hours everyday, had no consistency whatsoever and on the Facebook page would alienate patrons that questioned the hours or sometimes bizarre posts that didn't acknowledge they'd been closed for days on end without notice. For a place on Roosevelt, THE street of downtown Phoenix arts, you need to be on your top game. This article clearly proves they are gone for a reason. Don't read these articles if yer gonna cry.

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