So We Meat Again Is Stanley's Homemade Polish Sausage -- Only Better

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When the Stovanovic family, which opened the original Stanley's Homemade Polish Sausage on McDowell in 1989, closed up shop at that location last spring, they promised a new store right across the street in the months to come. That dream never materialized, although the Stovanovics still own a retail-only shop in North Phoenix.

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But here's the very good news for customers who love Stanley's first-rate Eastern European-style sausages and deli meats. The very same products are available in the very same location under a new name: So We Meat Again.

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Owned and operated by Tim Colley and his family, SWMA is a neater, cleaner version of Stanley's, offering product that is 100% made in-house. Stanley's made about 70% of its product, buying the other 30% from European companies.

Colley, who recently renovated the big 60s-era smokehouse out back, plans to move Shannon's Deli Meats -- a 27-year-old Glendale company he also bought recently -- to the McDowell location at the first of the year so that all operations will be under the same roof.

Although Colley just opened SWMA in early November, word has already spread among local chefs about his top-notch products. His growing client list includes a number of Irish pubs (who buy corned beef and Irish bacon), Citizen Public House and Pig & Pickle.

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Spicy Hungarian Sausage

After Keenan Bosworth (of Pig & Pickle) told me about it, I dropped in to see what was up. I sampled the kabonosy -- a thin, Polish stick sausage that's been smoked and air-dried. Firm-textured but fatty and redolent with garlic, this stuff is out-of-this-world. Ditto for the pastrami I ate on a hoagie roll (where's the rye bread??), the meat so fatty and luscious it dripped from the sandwich. The Spicy Hungarian sausage I ate like a hot dog was also terrific -- all juice and spice, its casing offering the requisite snap.

So don't worry about the goofy name. This place is dead-serious about its product.

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Stanley's Home Made Sausage Co.

1712 W. Bell Road, Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

Citizen Public House

7111 E. 5th Ave. Ste. E., Scottsdale, AZ

Category: Restaurant

Pig & Pickle

2922 N. Hayden Road, Scottsdale, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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Seriously folks.. its the EXACT SAME RECIPE,  being made by the same employees. The process and the equipment, as well as suppliers are raw product are the exact same.  The only difference is that the  The Stenovics are gone due to their infractions with the USDA. The previous "owner", not the plant manager,  did some things the USDA did not approve of, and their grant of inspection was taken away from them.  Look at the USDA website.

Your much better off with Colley running the place.  He doesn't do anything shady. 

If your buying sausages from Stanley's on Bell..  you should know that they got their license taken away from them, they are not supposed to be producing. 


This place is not Stanley's related and nothing tastes like it either. The menu clearly states that they make their sausages in Glendale nothing about them being given any recipes. Stanley's has another store at 1712 w. Bell road and I would rather drive there than ever go to SWMA again.


We LOVED (past tense intended) Stanley's kielbasa. It had no comparable and in our opinion  was the best on the planet!  The new owners tell us they're using the very same recipe that Stanley's used to make kielbasa. If they are, it doesn't taste the same....decent, but definitely NOT the same. We all know that if two people make a recipe, the finished products will not be identical (shape, texture, flavor, etc). SWMA Kielbasa : Pork/meat is a tad more firm, diminished pork flavor and the spices are off. Will we purchase again from SWMA? Maybe.

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