Five Things to Buy at Phoestivus This Wednesday, Dec. 12

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Heather Hoch
Oodles of great foodie gifts at Phoestivus

In preparation for the next round of Phoestivus on December 12th from 4 to 8:30 p.m., we assembled a list of some of our favorite finds and must grab classics in our quest to shop local this holiday season. If you head on over to Phoenix Public Market and can make it past the food trucks and beer garden, you might just get your Christmas shopping done. See what we've come up with and let us know if we've missed any great gifts.

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Poppa Maize Popcorn
Forget the corny tin full of popcorn, or if you insist on keeping the tin, fill it with some better popcorn. Poppa Maize has unique flavors like chile y lime, smores and toasted coconut, but they also have a cravably Christmas flavored assortment with white chocolate, peppermint, dried cranberries and pistachios.

All the Wei Chocolate Pack
If you've ever had these locally-made, vegan chocolates by Wei, you'll know why it's such a great gift or even stocking stuffer. The rich, dark chocolate combined with things like Himalayan pink salt, lavender essence, chai and chili make for a decadent experience. Gift packs are available, but at $30 for 24 pieces, the All the Wei chocolate pack is the most coco bang for your Christmas buck.

DeCio Pastas
Handmade in Tempe by an ex-Scottsdale Culinary Institute instructor, Scott Morrison, this Durum Semolina wheat pasta comes in all different styles, flavors and colors. Some of our favorites are the lemon orzo, tri-chili fiesta rotini and saffron linguine.

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Poppa Maize is awesome!!!! If you can't make Phoestivus, check out their shop off of Mill Ave!

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