M.J. Coe Dishes on the Weirdest Thing He Couldn't Eat and the Death of Cupcake Wars

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Federal Pizza
Pizza dough at Federal
It's a bit ironic that M.J. has chosen baking bread as his craft because he's actually allergic to flour. I ask him how he manages this and he shrugs it off, saying its simply a matter of constantly washing and cleaning his arms and hands.

He's fascinated by the very scientific approach to making bread and loves to solve problems. He applies his troubleshooting skills to almost every aspect of life, from reverse engineering bread for the Food Network to restoring vintage Vespas in his garage.

His involvement with Federal Pizza, which opened October 22 of this year, shouldn't come as much of a surprise as he's known Craig and Kris DeMarco professionally and personally for 10 years. When asked how he approached his new role as pizza maker at Federal, MJ says: "there are two ways to do pizza: one from the culinary standpoint of what goes on the pizza; and two, from the baker point of view which is the quality of the bread. For me bread is the most important thing."

Five words to describe MJ Bread or Federal Pizza:
Simplistic, balanced, confident, ideal, and anticipated.

Favorite food smell:
Grilled Italian sausage sandwich with roasted peppers and onions

Five words to describe you:
Persnickety complex, simple, reclusive, inquisitive

Favorite cookbook and why:
The Italian Baker by Carol Fields. It's one woman's simple record of bread through the course of baking in Italy. It's rustic and homey.

Location Info

Tammie Coe Cakes

610 E. Roosevelt St., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

Federal Pizza

5210 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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Ahh! "and finish off with frozen people"! M.J.s orzo is made with PEOPLE!

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