Keenan Bosworth of Pig & Pickle Dishes About Chrysa Robertson, Phoenix as a Food Town and Who He's Had Fun With in the Kitchen

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Pig & Pickle pals
What's your guilty pleasure?: Fernet Branca.

What people don't really know/understand about you is: I'm a big teddy bear sometimes.

Name a culinary mentor and explain what you learned from that person: Odessa Piper taught me how to treat ingredients with love and passion and the importance of local.

Describe your experience at Rancho Pinot: When you go to work for Chrysa, that's a good introduction to this town. She's very demanding. She can be across the room and totally catch something going on in the kitchen. She suffers no fools, and she doesn't sweet-talk you. She breaks people. But her goal is to be massively consistent, and it's all about the customer experience.

Describe Phoenix as a food town: Everybody wants to bite and chew everyone else up. You can get away with pedestrian shit here if you're flamboyant and have your hair a certain way.

In which kitchen have you had the most fun and why?: Digestif. Payton Curry was fun and got me inspired again.

Pet peeve in the kitchen: Messy cooks.

Last meal on earth -- what would it be?: Pork belly, mashed potatoes and tacos.

What should be written on your head stone?: Passion.

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