Keenan Bosworth of Pig & Pickle Dishes About Chrysa Robertson, Phoenix as a Food Town and Who He's Had Fun With in the Kitchen

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Keenan Bosworth - the master of his domain at P&P
This is part two of my interview with chef-owners of the Pig & Pickle: Josh Riesner and Keenan Bosworth. Today, it's Bosworth's turn. If you missed Riesner's dish on bartending bullshit and the soul-lessness of Las Vegas, read it here.

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Keenan Bosworth remembers walking down the street with some older friends who worked in restaurants when he was about 16, who schooled him on scoring with the ladies. "Make food for them," they advised. "Ooh, that sounds cool," he remembers thinking. He was a hockey player in Wisconsin (his home state), Indiana and Ohio first, but when he made it to the kitchen, he loved the pace of it. It was fast-moving with a lot of things going on at once, just like hockey.

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Braised pork leg, white beans, tomatoes
But then being around good food was nothing new. Bosworth's parents cooked and gardened, and he remembers being pulled around Madison's farmer's market (one of the best in the country) at an early age.

His first culinary job was in pantry at the Edgewater Hotel, where he cut his teeth before signing on with Odessa Piper, chef-owner of L'Etoile in Madison. Piper, a huge proponent of sustainable agriculture and the local food movement taught Bosworth the importance of the local scene by example. She had a map of all the local farms hanging in the kitchen. "She changed everything for me," he says, "her food was simple and sustainable." He spent a year and a half with her before moving to Milwaukee for a girl.

Bosworth worked at a handful of places there, including the well-regarded (but now defunct) Barossa, before coming to Phoenix and finding work at Rancho Pinot, where he stayed for three and a half years before moving to Atlas Bistro, where he stayed another three and a half years. Now he's got a brand new bag with his buddy Riesner.

When I ask him if he's nervous about the new business he replies, "The stuff I'm nervous about is my bank account. That makes me want to throw up. But the stuff in the kitchen, that's where I'm comfortable."

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Pig & Pickle

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Rancho Pinot

6208 N. Scottsdale Road, Paradise Valley, AZ

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Atlas Bistro

2515 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ

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