Julia Baker Opening Flagship Chocolate Shop & Wine Bar at Biltmore Fashion Park

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Julia Baker Confections
Julia Baker
The Valley's own Julia Baker, founder, executive chef, and CEO of Julia Baker Confections, is no stranger to success. The Le Cordon Bleu grad and Paris-trained chef is currently making sweet Christmas gifts for Elton John, designing Robert Redford's birthday cake, and recently, got ink in the holiday gift guide of People Magazine for her Red Hat Box chocolate assortment.

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The latest big move for Baker will happen over the next two weeks. That's when she'll be opening her new flagship chocolate boutique and wine bar at the Biltmore Fashion Park in East Phoenix.

And by the looks of it, it's going to be as luxurious as the chocolates.

Architechtural rendering of the exterior.
Featuring a sophisticated seating area, a marble floor, and mirrored backlit display cases for browsing hand-cut chocolates and gift box collections, the new Julia Baker Confections promises to be more than just a sweet shop.

Thanks to a wine bar, chocolate lovers can sit and sip while perusing a menu of Baker's signature chocolates and desserts such as red velvet cake.

The Julia Baker Confections flagship store will be located at the Biltmore Fashion Park between Williams-Sonoma and White House | Black Market. For more information or to purchase Baker's chocolates online, visit her website.

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We had Julia Baker make our wedding cake at the Montelucia last year. The cake that was delivered was a decorated 4 tier cake made from styrofoam - We couldn't even get a proper cake cutting picture. Aren't cakes supposed to be made from cake? At least that was my understanding. I was told by the banquet captain the cake that was served for our guests was cut from sheet cakes that were hidden in the kitchen. Not only did the cake taste like it had come from Costco, the chocolate truffle wedding favors that Baker supplied were stale, and about 15% of them had mold growing inside. Needless to say I was horrified, as were my guests. Neither Baker or the Montelucia ever apologized. Shortly after my wedding, the Julie Baker store at the Montelucia went out of business. Coincidence? I doubt it!



Dear Tracy,We are so surprised to read your post. At JBC we always stand behind our product and our work. We wish that you would have called our office immediately following the wedding. We do not make sheet cakes. We always made our cakes, chocolates, and desserts to order before each event. We would love to talk to you about your experience. Please contact us at our corporate office and ask to speak a member of our management team at (480) 699-4017. Thank you.

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