The Hobbit and Dinner at Cornish Pasty Co. in Tempe

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Heather Hoch
The perfect company to any pasty.
Cornish Pasty Co.
After about three hours of sheer joy in the movie theatre, we were ready for a dwarf-sized feast with hobbit sensibilities. Marching into the dimly lit, large-boothed room of the newly remodeled Cornish Pasty Co. in Tempe, you could almost pretend you're going into The Green Dragon.

Sit down and grab a Franziskaner in either hobbit, human or goblin king size. We went for human, though our meal would prove to need another round. First off, we ordered a bangers and mash pasty with a side of oven chips. The sage sausage is the ideally herby and hearty companion to the creamy mash inside the pasty. As always, the pasty crust was flakey, crunchy and golden brown. Although we had mashed potatoes in our pasty, we couldn't help getting oven fries as well. The lightly seasoned, highly potatoey flavor of these babies are an incomparable flavor experience to fries and chips elsewhere.

To finish it all off, and as if we needed any more, we got Pasty's take on sticky toffee pudding called the Shirley Temple's Pudding. The subtly savory and slightly smokey cakelike treacle pudding is cooked in a small cast iron pot until a crunchy layer forms on the top. Then you douse it is sweet crème anglaise and try to battle your companions' spoons out of the way to get your fill. After our three-course hobbit feast (if you count chips a course, and we always do), it was definitely time for a most unexpected nap.

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The Cornish Pasty Co.

960 W. University Drive, Tempe, AZ

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