The Collection and Dinner at Green New American Vegetarian

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Heather Hoch
Yummy faux ribs at Green for the faint of stomach.

Green New American Vegetarian

In the quest for flavorful Vegan eats, we always end up back at Green. Part of the reason is because we're addicted to the No Harm (ya' hear that Collector?!) Chicken Parm sandwich. But when we're feeling adventurous, their daily specials almost never disappoint. Past classics like the extremely popular Big Wac (a vegan Big Mac) and our personal favorite, the Jambes de Grenouille sandwich (fried mock frog legs), keep us coming back to that chalkboard.

This time around they were serving a plate of "ribs" with a baked potato and side salad. Luckily the seared tofu pieces used in place of pig were skewered with popsicle sticks, so we didn't risk any gory flashbacks during our feast. The tangy, sweet and smoky espresso barbeque sauce that smothered the tofu made the dish more convincing aesthetically and put it over the top in terms of flavor.

The side salad was a nice, light partner to its main dish. However, the baked potato was undercooked and under seasoned, leaving us yearning for a replacement side of those intoxicating thyme fries. There's always next time, eh? Plus we were able to stomach the guilt-free fare after being gore-afied, so we can't be too upset.

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2240 N. Scottsdale Road, Tempe, AZ

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