What the F*ck, Golden Corral?

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Louisa M.
Two words: Budget buffet.
There's nothing like an unexpected gift for the holidays. But for 167 people at the end of last week, that gift came in the form of food poisoning from a Wyoming Golden Corral, the budget buffet and family-style steakhouse restaurant chain.

"Oh, a norovirus! Golden Corral, you shouldn't have!"

Possibly more shocking than 167 people coming down with flu-like, food poisoning symptoms a few days after eating at a just-opened Golden Corral in Casper, Wyoming, is the fact that 167 actually ate at a Golden Corral. And this recent food poisoning incident totally crushes the salmonella outbreak that affected 23 people at a Golden Corral in Kennesaw, Georgia, in 2003. At least the North Carolina-based chain is on the uptick when it comes to the number of folks being sickened by their food.

But the punishment, in this case, hardly fits the infraction.

After the health department reported record occurrences of food poisoning, the restaurant voluntarily closed itself down for 24 hours to sanitize itself.

What the f*ck, Golden Corral? You're just going to give yourself a good scrub-down and call yourself square with the 167 folks you got sick? Unless, by sanitizing, you mean, "blowing up the restaurant, paying for the sick diners' medical bills, and blowing up the restaurant again to make sure we didn't miss anything the first time," that doesn't seem like an adequate sentence at all.

Unless you talk to the health inspector of the Casper-Natrona County Health Department.

He applauded Golden Corral's "difficult decision" to shut down its restaurant for one whole day in the news report below. Casper, Wyoming. No apologies.

There are currently six Golden Corral restaurants in Arizona. You can avoid find them via their website.

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Jason N. Minos
Jason N. Minos

Duh! What do you expect at a cheap buffet! Gross!


I'm surprised that the store didn't offer to spray the food with Windex for any customer concerned about little varmints living in their fried chicken!


Hey health care dude, how about a trip to the dentist to take care of that serious case of chew mouth u got goin'. His breath would stop a freight train. peace


It's just too bad that the writer of this article wasn't one of the patrons sickened. She makes this out to be such a big deal but things like this are not uncommon to happen. Just like the old saying goes, "buyer beware" and this applies to eating out too. Those who don't ever want to run the risk of getting sick should not eat at restaurants. The most common place where you are likely to get sick is at a Mexicanrestaurant. Some of those places are plain filthy and should be condemned but does the New Times ever talk about that?


@TheFabulousOne @chowbellaphx Nooooooooooo!!! That damn chocolate fountain did it!!


@TheFabulousOne #AllIWantForChristmasIsPenisWaffles

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