Holy Pumpkin Spice, Look at These Gingerbread Houses

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Via: Inn at Laurel Point/Facebook
The Up house rendered lovingly in gingerbread.

The Victoria, BC upscale hotel Inn at Laurel Point is running a national gingerbread house competition to support what else, Habitat For Humanity an organization devoted to constructing homes for the less fortunate.

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The competition is open to both amateur and professional bakers. The public can vote with their dollars by donating to Habitat for Humanity and then casting their vote for their favorite gingerbread house. The competition ends at the beginning of January but the submissions featured so far are frankly stunning.

Via: Inn at Laurel Point/Facebook
The craftsmanship on these are ama- Look at that wookie! Look at him!

What makes these entries even more astounding is that the rules of this competition stipulate that all parts of the house must be made of 100 percent edible ingredients, which must be tough break for all those bakers who are used to using only partially digestible ingredients.

If you want to get in on the voting action you can head over to the hotel's Facebook page and drop likes on your favorite entries. The winner get's a free brunch at the hotel and the warm fuzzy feeling that can only come from being validated on the internet by complete strangers.

Via: Inn at Laurel Point/Facebook

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