Top 10 Things to NOT Give a Cook This Holiday Season: AndyTalk

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Andy Broder
Countertop Induction Burner

  • A stand-alone induction burner ... I have one and can't use any of the pans I really like on it. Since I cook on gas I'm not getting new pots just for the induction burner. The burner only works if a magnet sticks to the pan - and magnets stick to surprisingly few pans. Induction is a great cooking method, but as a practical matter you need to make an all or nothing commitment.

  • An old fashioned rolling pin with handles or a sifter - a mesh strainer works as well as a sifter and it can go into the dishwasher. Serious bakers prefer tapered one-piece rolling pins (sometimes called French rolling pins)

  • A chocolate fountain... nothing says it's still 1999 like a chocolate fountain... Even a novice cook can make chocolate fondue in a pot (like a Le Creuset, which is a great gift) that's useable for all sorts of things. If you really want to buy a chocolate fountain make time to drop it off at Goodwill on your way home from the store and save the recipient a trip.
  • Bottom line, it's the wrong gift if your intuition says to include a gift receipt with the card.

    Andy Broder is the chef/owner of AndyFood, A Culinary Studio.

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