Top 10 Things to NOT Give a Cook This Holiday Season: AndyTalk

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Andy Broder
Get more square inches with a square grill pan and skip the round pans.

  • A round griddle or grill pan ... get square or rectangle - you get more cooking surface on a 12-inch square than a circle. You can grill more chicken on a 12-inch square grill pan than on a 12-inch round.

  • A Vitamix --- yes they're cool and do a good job - but I can get 10 Ninja blenders (with 3 bowls/pitchers each) for the same price. For the same price you can get one Ninja, and a KitchenAid stand mixer with the incredibly cool new ice cream attachment. If money is no object, get a Vitamix. Otherwise get a Ninja and use all the extra cash for something else - like tickets for two to Vegas...

  • Don't buy a cappuccino machine that uses pods unless you know that it's on the recipient's list. Some cooks like to blend different beans (like mocha java with French roast) and you obligate the machine's owner to buy pods and spend a minimum of 50 cents for cup for an at-home cup of coffee. Not everyone wants to be a pod person.

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