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Andy Broder
Don't buy your favorite cook a crockpot.

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Holiday gifts for people who like to cook should be easy, but to the uninitiated a store stocked floor to ceiling with cookware is an obstacle course. The goal is to buy a gift that brings joy to someone who finds joy in the kitchen. The goal is also to find a gift that gives the recipient an excuse to spend even more time cooking. In order to pick that perfect gift you need to know what not to give. The following are my top ten suggestions on what not to give your kitchen companion this holiday season.

  1. A slow cooker ... Like a dog with a bone, I just won't let go of my suggestion from last year that you buy a slow cooker for a busy mom who wants an easy way out -- but you buy a stockpot so the cook on your list can make soup or stew the old-fashioned way.
  2. Not to Buy - Potholders.jpg
    Andy Broder
    Buy silicone pot holders like these, not cloth potholders

  3. Cloth potholders burn and stain. Worse, when cloth potholders are wet or damp the steam (created when they come in contact with a hot pot) travels through the cloth and burns the user. Give silicone potholders, which last forever, can be cleaned under running water or in the dishwasher, and double as hotplates.

  4. A Scanpan ... Sorry to those of you who love your Scanpans, but I've never liked cooking with them. They're supposedly in between a regular pan and non-stick pan, but I think that stuff always sticks and if you scrub to clean the pan scratches. Then, the food sticks even more to the scratched parts and you're in a vicious cycle. Wiping the pan with a soapy cloth doesn't really clean it, so for me, they're the worst of both worlds.

  5. Perishable food ... Don't give a gift that obligates the recipient to cook during the busy holiday season. He might have other plans.

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