What Will the Top Food Trends for Phoenix Be in 2013?

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Chef Chris Knouse,
Litchfield's at The Wigwam

Many artisan products. Local organic produce and meats. Dry goods such as flour and polenta as well. Pickling: everything from grapes to French fries. Sour and tart items (think sour beer, fermented cherry juice, heavy vinegar dressings). Asian-influenced American comfort food (think Sriracha meatloaf, tempura fried chicken, umami hamburger).

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Zach Bredemann,
Corporate chef, Kona Grill

More small plates and small portions continuing into 2013. Food trucks holding steady.
Non-Japanese restaurants incorporating sushi or sushi rolls into their menus in casual dining restaurants like Houstons and PF Chang's.

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Justin Beckett,
Chef and owner, Beckett's Table

More chef-counter dining, simple dishes done well with local foods, Americanized ethnic foods.

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Heather Bryan,
General manager, Zuzu

We will continue to see a lot of healthy choices in 2013. Grains are becoming more popular and will be utilized in dishes that need added protein. More vegetable dishes will be offered as entrees instead of side dishes to satisfy the growing group of diners that are vegetarian, vegan, or gluten free. More small bites will be enjoyed and shared as opposed to diners ordering their own entrees. This seems to be gaining in popularity once again for the smaller portion size and price.

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@DiyaMarketing @ChowBellaPHX yes more ramen. Please.


Predicting Phoenix food trends for 2013? Easy. Just read the food archives from newspapers in SF, LA, NY, etc from 5-6 years ago.

Adam Piontkowski
Adam Piontkowski

I think people will realize there are other things on the menu at Vietnamese places than pho and will start eating banh mi sandwiches.


@poshrestaurant Dare I encourage another ramen night? #PleaseSayYes @ChowBellaPHX


@DiyaMarketing @ChowBellaPHX soon. Details soon.

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