What Will the Top Food Trends for Phoenix Be in 2013?

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According to Valley chefs, locally grown veggies will be big in 2013.
Soon, 2013 will be upon us and so will a new year of eating, cooking, and dining out.

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What can we expect on our plates next year? I asked Valley chefs and restaurateurs for their top food trend predictions and this is what they had to say.

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Chef Robert McGrath,
Market Street Kitchen

Small independent restaurants forming alliances to combine their marketing dollars and cross-promote their restaurants to be more efficient, competitive businesses. I see a synergy between French-country cooking and our American cuisine slowly inching together. An increase of micro-markets in restaurants for diners to shop for quality goods not available anywhere else.

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Aaron May, chef and restaurateur

Scandinavian food is going to be a huge trend nationally, and someone will pick up on that here in town. I can't wait for the first smorgasbord to show up on a menu! While I probably won't be an early adapter, juicing will continue to explode in the Valley. One trend I'm looking forward to is deli fare. We're playing around with smoked and cured meat recipes, all sorts of pickles, and other delicious deli classics. This is going to be a big one in 2013.

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Pauline Martinez,
Chef and owner, Perk Eatery

The farm-to-table movement has turned dining on its head. We're going to see more veggies filling plates and more demand from consumers for healthy and tasty options. Global fusion has been around for a long time, and I see more of that trend coming out of European cuisine (think Basque region or Portugal). Also, better options on kids menus. Bye-bye, frozen chicken finger.

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Chef Michael O'Dowd,
Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel

Sustainable tapas-like foods that are small bites, comfort food gone wild, and themed restaurants that are more raw in design and more daring in food styling.

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@DiyaMarketing @ChowBellaPHX yes more ramen. Please.


Predicting Phoenix food trends for 2013? Easy. Just read the food archives from newspapers in SF, LA, NY, etc from 5-6 years ago.

Adam Piontkowski
Adam Piontkowski

I think people will realize there are other things on the menu at Vietnamese places than pho and will start eating banh mi sandwiches.


@poshrestaurant Dare I encourage another ramen night? #PleaseSayYes @ChowBellaPHX


@DiyaMarketing @ChowBellaPHX soon. Details soon.

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