Top 5 Food Predictions for Phoenix in 2013

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P. Joseph Project
The Side Car Burger
Collaboration Kings
Restaurants, like diners, are still very much feeling a recession hangover. What better way to combine marketing and advertising dollars than by forming alliances with like-minded eateries in town. Shared spaces, events, regular gathering sites -- thank the food trucks for those gems. In addition, look for more guest chefs cooking at a colleague's restaurant, chefs switching restaurant spaces for a few days, and even pop-up restaurants inside other restaurants.

Who's Already Doing It: At Squash Blossom, downtown's breakfast and lunch spot that opened this summer, chef Patrick Boll (Roaring Fork, El Chorro) and bread baker Jason Raducha started a "permanent pop-up" inside the restaurant in December. Called the P. Joseph Project, it's open for happy hour and dinners of upscale comfort food.

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