Top 5 Food Predictions for Phoenix in 2013

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Laura Hahnefeld
Pork Shoulder Tostadas with Ginger Aioli, Kimchi, and Scallions at Pig & Pickle

Comfort Food Inspired by Asia
While many Valley diners may not be ready to take the plunge into unfamiliar Asian dishes such as a bowl of spicy Korean bibim bap or rich Vietnamese pho filet dac biet, they have seen Lucky Peach, know what ramen is, and are curious enough to try a few bites -- as long as there's a little bit of America on those plates, too. For the Asian-cuisine curious looking for a bit of comfort, expect restaurants to serve up dishes such as bulgogi hamburgers with Sriracha, Vietnamese chicken sandwiches, and pork ribs with a Korean glaze. It's diner-style food by way of Asia.

Who's Already Doing It: Culinary duo Keenan Bosworth and Joshua Riesner (formerly of Scottsdale BYOB Atlas Bistro) at their new Scottsdale restaurant, Pig & Pickle, serve up dishes such as pork shoulder tostadas made with ginger aioli, and kimchi and braised duck leg on a mung bean cake with radishes and sweet soy.

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@melissafossum I need more veggies after this last week! I enjoyed eating too much during the holidays! hahaha

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