Top 5 Food Predictions for Phoenix in 2013

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As another culinary year approaches, it's time to once again gaze into the crystal ball to predict the Valley's food trends for 2013.

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It's no secret that our food scene is slow to hop aboard the rest of the country's gastronomical trend train, but that doesn't mean it can't surprise us every once in a while. I've looked at trends, ingredients, and food news to compile this list for the coming year -- and I've cited a few examples of Valley chefs, restaurants, and food artisans who already are making the future happen now.

Have a few predictions of your own? Feel free to share what food trends you think the Valley will see in 2013.

Laura Hahnefeld
The House Brisket and Biscuit, Chili Jam, White Cheddar Small Plate
Small Plates, Please
The days of parking our bums in chairs for hours to get through a multi-course tasting menu are as over as waiting for Netflix to finally send a "Very Long Wait" disc to the mailbox. Instead, it's all about instant gratification: small plates. They can be served all at once or staggered, sized for those seeking more frequent but less-hefty meals, or available for sharing or used to construct a one-person meal. And they can be the perfect solution for a diner to fix a craving without committing to a large dish.

Who's Already Doing It: Matt Carter's new restaurant in Scottsdale, The House, offers more shared plates and sides than entrees.

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