Fight Hunger by Buying Cute Furniture, Banking and, Best of All, Eating Pie

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The Association of Arizona Food Banks, a non-profit that supplies five regional food banks, has teamed up with businesses in the area to help hungry families this holiday season. We don't normally get too sappy, but here at Chow Bella firmly believe no one should go hungry --especially not at Christmastime. Plus there are lots of opportunities to give to the AAFB, and this is where you come in....

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Donate $50 at Copenhagen Imports when buying your hip new sofa with Scandinavian design sensibilities and you can receive up to $400 off select merchandise. First Fidelity Bank branches will also be accepting donations of monies and non-perishable food items.

And you can really make a needy family's holiday sweet by buying a pie to be donated at any Coco's or Carrows while you order your own.

Or if you'd rather donate your time/energy, you can volunteer at the Mesa Cannery. For more information on this opportunity and to sign up, call (480) 839-4694.

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