Five Flairtending Fails: Juggling, Balancing, and Fire-Breathing

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This bartender manages to redeem himself in the end, but the first attempt at a fire blowing trick falls pretty short of cool. On the bright side, there are so many things that can go horribly wrong with the mixture of fire and alcohol that he should count himself lucky to be walking away unharmed -- well, except for his bruised ego.

Balancing Act

The irritating self-promoting at the beginning of the video only makes it all the better that this corny performer totally fails. We still don't understand how a trick like this actually happens (seriously though, gravity? Logic? Come on!) and we're definitely not willing to risk a face full of glass and drinks to find out.

Pouring Shots

Not really sure why anyone would need to pour a dozen shots at once other than to impress the ladies, but we're pretty such this backfired. There's something to be said for waiting the appropriate amount of time for your drink. Especially when the alternative is getting sticky, shitty drinks all over your lap and having to wait twice as long as the bartender remakes your drink.

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