Five Christmas Pinterest Trends to Avoid at All Costs

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No, Rosalie. It's not amazing. Don't encourage her.
Non-edible gingerbread houses? What the gum drops?!

We'll own up to the fact that we're not exactly Frank Lloyd Wright when it comes to designing gingerbread houses. Our graham cracker roof cabins complete with asymmetrical M&M shingles, pale in comparison to the national monuments and historic castles assembled by pastry professionals. But that doesn't mean we throw in the frosting towel and call it quits.

Or does it?

There seems to be a prevalence of construction paper cut outs and three-dimensional cardboard models taking the place of a once beloved holiday tradition on Pinterest. We only hope that these paper productions are merely the blue prints for actual gingerbread houses, made out of actual food and frosting- half of which will be eaten during their construction.

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