Five Christmas Pinterest Trends to Avoid at All Costs

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On Pinterest, alcoholism can be a hobby.
Just put a mason jar on it.

It's high times for the Ball and Kerr corporations. Thanks to Pinterest, everything now comes in, on, or around a mason jar: mason jar coozies, mason jar snow globes, mason jar candles, mason jar cocktails, mason jar pies. We can't wait till Hollywood produces Mason Jarhead, a true story about a social network based on crafting.

And while we can't pass up a cute mason jar casserole, we can draw the line at a mason jar cookie mix. You mean you put all our cookie ingredients into a jar? That's cute. You know what's even cuter? Just giving us the actual cookies, you lazy bastard.

"What the F is this?" - Your child.
Healthy Christmas

Remember when carrots used to just serve as snacks for Santa's reindeer? Now they're the base for broccoli Christmas trees and the arms on cauliflower snowmen on your plate. As much as we love are okay with eating healthy, this isn't what the holidays are about.

The holidays about partaking in things that are bad for you: drinking high-calorie cocktails, eating copious amounts of sugar, and caroling (note: if you've hit "experimenting with 'snowball' crack cocaine," you've gone too far with the whole holiday indulgence thing).

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