Five Christmas Pinterest Trends to Avoid at All Costs

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We dare you not to melt for this marshmellow snowman
Let's be honest right off the bat. Only a small fraction of the shit you "pin" actually makes an appearance in your real life. Those runway dresses, that Martha Stewart craft room with the organized detail only a serial killer could recreate -- and let's not forget the food porn. All of our recipes are pinned to a board called "I'll Never Make This."

But nonetheless, a girl (or boy) can daydream (although if we're still aboard this honesty train, let's admit it: Pinterest's main demographic is stay-at-home wives who treat their undiagnosed psychological disorders with white wine and shopping).

And in the daydreamy season of the holidays where we all tend to lose sight of what's important, or, rather, realistic, Pinterest is back in full effect, sending us images of what couldn't, and sometimes shouldn't, ever be.

Here are five Pinterest trends to avoid at all costs.

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Blue. Hawaiian. Egg Nog.
____ Nog

Blame it on a short attention span or the inability to be satisfied, but egg nog was apparently in need of a remodel. This creamy holiday beverage, which can only be enjoyed by some (if any) once a year, has become old hat in the Pinterest realm. Now the egg in nog has been substituted for younger, more trendy ingredients like pumpkin, soy, peppermint, and- dear God, is that a blue Hawaiian egg nog?

Way to take a sitcom that only half us liked to begin with and then create far too many spin offs with it. Nog it off, people. Nog. It. Off.

How are we supposed to eat this? It's cookie Jinga.
We're burnt out on cookies. (Did we really just say that?)

It's safe to say that Pinterest is not conducive to dieters and diabetics. And if ever there was a worse time to go browsing through virtual boards, it's during the holidays. There's candy and cupcakes, and cookies -- cookies as far as the eye can see and the finger can scroll. Cookies are served as drink wedges, coasters, and then turned into building materials to assemble even large cookies.

And now that Pinterest delivers cookies with uncanny imitations of snow globes, Christmas trees, and housing developments, We're going to make the unfortunate assumption that everything this holiday season is edible. Everything.

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