9 Simple Steps to Eating Healthier in 2013

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Take full advantage of our citrus season: oranges, grapefruit, tangerines can be eaten as is, added to salads, mixed into baked goods.

"Citrus is nature's candy." Look, we know you want to punch whoever said that in the face, but maybe they were on to something. Citrus fruits do have some amazing health benefits and unlike their artificial impersonators, you won't get that nasty sugar hangover that comes from tasting the rainbow one too many times.

Instead of high fat chips, choose popcorn (unbuttered but seasoned with chili powder or other spices), baked chips, or pretzels. Raw vegetables and hummus are great alternatives as well.

We admit, that last part is hard to swallow, but you can work your way into it. Start off with clean and lightly spiced popcorn, then step it up to some unsalted pretzels. Before you know it, you'll be eating carrot sticks like they're french fries - or resolving to a steady plateau of baked and popped chips; either way, the fat snacks don't win.

If you do your own baking, replace 1/3 or so of the flour with whole wheat flour, add dried fruits and nuts, use applesauce or mashed bananas to replace 1/3 or so of the oil or butter in quick breads or muffins.

Don't let the math scare you, this is fairly easy to do; and if you're real smart about it, the rest of your household will be none the wiser.

Another trick you can do when you're baking is to ask yourself, "What would Paula Deen do?" Then do the exact opposite.

Keep healthy snacks (dried fruit, nuts, lower fat granola bars, single serve graham or animal crackers, peanut butter, single serve fruits) where you work and, especially if you drive a lot, in the car. If hunger strikes, you'll be less likely to stop for candy, ice cream, or other sweet treats.

Unless you're a Flinstone, you're not burning too many calories in the car; which is why enjoying drive-thru meals as you sit motionless in traffic is simply adding insult to injury. Rather than an assume you won't get hungry, be prepared with some healthy alternatives.

As an added safety measure you can also notify all your favorite fast food establishments within a twenty mile radius not to serve you (an attached mug shot would be a nice added touch) - but it's not entirely necessary.

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