9 Simple Steps to Eating Healthier in 2013

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Whole grain cereals and low/non fat milk make a great breakfast, snack or even "emergency" lunch!

If there's one healthy dinning choice college students have made, it's eating cereal - lots and lots of cereal. Sure it's mostly out of laziness and most nutritional value is canceled out by the fact that there are little marshmallows floating around in the bowl, but you can take that idea and run with it (come to think of it, running might be a good idea too. Add that to your agenda).

But how do we single out the health cereals from the sugary ones? Easy. If there's a cartoon on the front, chances are, it shouldn't be in your big boy cart.

Use fat free chutneys, salsas, and lower sodium sauces to add variety to grilled meats/fish/poultry.

This shouldn't be a hard switch to make. Almost all of our mainstream grocery products are devoid of something in these modern times: gluten, soy, dairy, and especially fat. Eating healthy doesn't have to mean eating bland - unless you enjoy bland, in which case ignore this entire paragraph, you strange, strange creature.

Add some grilled vegetables to the mix.

Contrary to what others may think, broccoli is not just a garnish of miniature trees. And given the right amount of fat free dressings or sauces (see above) you could almost mistake them for something delicious. And hopefully the more you fill your stomach with Mother Nature, the less room you'll have for Little Debbie afterwards.

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