Chow Bella's 9 Most Dramatic Moments in the Phoenix Food Scene in 2012

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Benjamin Leatherman
Bye bye, Tediberto's.

Roosevelt Row's Tediberto's Has a Liquor License Problem

Vegan Mexican food? The mind boggles. And then the pot of beans plot thickened....

It's one of the worst kept secrets in the downtown Phoenix culture scene: Tediberto's, the vegan Mexican restaurant located along Roosevelt Row, has become a popular late-night hangout for artists, hipsters, trendy types, and party monsters.

And one of the big reasons the eatery, which opened in late June, has become so popular for late-night adventures is not just because it stays open until 3 a.m. or later on weekends or its unique cuisine. When we visited Tediberto's in the hours following the most recent First Friday art walk on August 3, the establishment was serving beer and booze, which New Times has learned was being done without a liquor license.

And it was being done after last call, when all establishments serving alcohol are required by Arizona law to stop selling liquor. When asked about this, the owner of Tediberto's had no comment. -- Benjamin Leatherman

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Is Barrio Cafe's Take on Mexican Food Authentic? And Does It Matter?

The original post on Barrio Cafe -- part of our "Eating 16th Street" series -- didn't make such a big splash, but a reaction piece from B.C. co-owner Sharon Salomon really heated up on social media -- including, we hear, some foot stamping and tantrum throwing on Facebook. Our advice: If you can't take the heat, stay out of Phoenix.

Barrio Café is a white tablecloth upscale restaurant. It's also a neighborhood joint for those of us who live close by but for most people, Barrio is a place to go for a special meal. No beans. No rice. No chimichangas. No chips. No comparison to anything in the Valley. In fact, it's the uniqueness of Barrio that has helped to make it popular. Barrio brought many "firsts" to the Valley. -- Sharon Salomon

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