Cowboy Ciao's Lester Gonzalez Dishes on His Kitchen Pet Peeve and His Grandmother's Tortillas

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Cowboy Ciao
"12-ounce pork chop marinated in a orange-lemon honey, on top of chef Lesters homemade-style potato salad, topped off with sautéed leeks. "
Have you ever tried to recreate your grandmother's tortillas?: Yeah. It's not even close.

It's so much about the skill that she developed over time, after years of doing it. She would show us how to do it as kids. It was fun, but the tortillas didn't come out round. Sometimes they looked like Texas.

And she never measured things out. It was always a little bit of this, a little bit of that.

Favorite cookbook and why: Parts. Given to me by Charleen Badman, the chef over at FnB a few years ago.

It tells you how to cook the rest of the parts of the meat that don't usually get used: the organs, the ears, etc. It just gives you a breakdown, tells you how to utilize parts that other people just throw away.

Last meal on Earth: Slow-roasted pork and my grandmother's tortillas.

What should be written on your headstone?: Let's eat!

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