Chow Bella's Gift Guide for the Vegetarian

Vegetarian Times
Gift card to Chakra 4 Herb and Tea House

Nestled inside the Town & Country shopping center at 20th and Camelback, Chakra 4 Herb and Tea House is a your one stop shop for all things homeopathic and healthy.

At Chakra you'll find you find a wide selection of bulk herbs ($3-20 per ounce), teas ($5-8), elixirs ($33 per 2 ounces), flower essences (Deva flower remedies are $18 per ounce), as well as single herb capsules and combination herb capsules formulated by Chakra owner and herbalist, Kita Centella (21-69₵ per capsule).

Chakra also doubles as a vegetarian cafe so if your gift recipient isn't as fond of potions and powders as you may have thought, he or she can also apply that gift card toward some fresh, organic grub.

Custom olive oils from Olivastro Oils and Balsamics

To most cooking connoisseurs, a custom box of specialty olive oils is as good as any bouquet of flowers. In fact it's one giant leap up in the gift department when you consider how long a gift box of bottled oils and balsamic vinegars from Olivastro will last you ($16.00 for 375 mL, $12.00 for 200mL). And chances are your dinner guests are more likely to appreciate a dressing of lime infused olive oil and strawberry balsamic vinegar than they are some discarded daffodils in their salad.

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