What's Your Biggest Holiday Cooking Screw-Up (And How Did You Fix It)?

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Chef Stephen Jones
Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails

One year I passed out (after drinking lots of wine) and forgot the turkey in the oven. I woke up a couple hours later to a smoked-out house. After that, it was a scramble. Burritos, anyone?

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Chef Christopher Nicosia,

Letting my wife cook a holiday meal. Maybe she purposely sabotaged herself so she would never have to cook a holiday meal again. It worked!

Chef Michael O'Dowd,
Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel

One year, my wife was cooking dinner for our guests, and I saw what could be a potentially undercooked turkey. Intervention! I made a quick call to de-bone the turkey and finished it on the mesquite grill. Best turkey ever! And, of course, my wife got the well-deserved credit!

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Josh Hebert,
Chef and Owner, Posh

About five years ago, I made a batch of about 500 tamales without any salt. I just completely forgot to put salt in the batter. I fixed it by explaining it to the people I made them for and not charging them. They were good sports about it.

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