Champagne: Good, Better, Best Options with Kimber Stonehouse of Sportsman's

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New Year's might be the time that you look for something a bit more special. Sportman's has a few at a great price due to their "bubbles" sale happening now through the end of the year. "The Ruinart Blanc de Blancs and the Ruinart Rosé are both incredible bottles from Champagne, France." Both of these two Champagnes are elegant and are sale for $64.99 through December 31. "They are usually $90+ per bottle." says Stonehouse. Nothing makes a statement like a big bottle of bubbles and "the magnums of Ruinart Blanc de Blancs cost about $200 per bottle." The House of Ruinart, established in 1729, is the first established Champagne House.


Pol Roger 2.jpg
The best stuff, Pol Roger's "Sir Winstron Churchill"
If you'd like to channel your inner Kanye West there are a few options to consider. Stonehouse's personal favorite is the Pol Roger Cuvée "Sir Winston Churchill," which sets you back $275 per bottle but comes in a gift box, "and makes a statement from the minute you open the chilled bottle," says Stonehouse. "The aromas and lushness on the palate are sure to please the sophisticated Champagne drinker. It's toasty with a hint of acidity, and pairs well with any celebration or food."

The other option is Dom Perignon "Œnothèque," a special edition of Dom Perignon that Sportman's has one sale, though quantities are limited. "This is the only time I've ever seen this bottle on sale. It's regular price is more $500, but while supplies last, it's on sale $299.

So, wash those champagne flutes, find a designated driver and celebrate the New Year with bubbles.

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Rod Williams
Rod Williams

Alcohol destroys and there isn't a life on the planet that alcohol will not destroy, plant and mammal. Humans are not machines, we mammals are made of delicate membrane and alcohol eats it. There are other ways to celebrate that are not harmful. Do you believe that if everyone ingested alcohol to celebrate occasions, that our world would be even worse with skyrocketing auto accidents, deaths, broken homes and general instability from the ingested toxin. Being embalmed is being filled with alcohol and when the cadaver comes up into the poor food chain, the earth will GAG. Even though the earth has nourished us all of our lives, we give Her poison rather than healthy mammal meat?

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