Cannoli Clash: DeFalco's Italian Deli vs. Something Sweet Bakery

Heather Hoch
In The Other Corner: Something Sweet Bakery

The Setup: When you walk into Something Sweet, chances are you'll be immediately greeted by both the counter girl and the head baker. Their friendly, knowledgeable service makes this bakery a place you want to visit every day. The display case full of shortbreads, tarts, cookies, cakes and other pastries makes this bakery a place you will visit every day to see what's new. Who would've thought something so sweet would be hiding in a strip mall next to a Safeway?

The Good:Compared to DeFalco's, Something Sweet had a much smoother consistency to their filling. The eggnog flavor was present, but not overpowering. It's the perfect hint of Christmas spirit for anyone beginning to feel the pre-holiday wear, but not yet super sick of eggnog in general. The eggnog cannoli is definitely a great, unique alternative to stale, sprinkle-covered sugar cookies for a holiday party offering.

The Bad:The cannoli shell wasn't nearly as crispy and flakey as DeFalco's, which worked to our advantage since we opted to chow down in our car out of their precious pink bakery to go boxes. However, if we weren't in the car, we would prefer the flakiness any day.

And the winner is . . .
DeFalco's Italian Deli. While the eggnog cannoli is a novel concept and a great seasonal take on an Italian classic, nothing beats the real thing. Maybe we're just obsessed with cinnamon and chocolate, but eggnog, although it only comes once a year, just can't beat those flavors. We suggest you try the eggnog cannoli while it's still around, but we'll keep coming back to DeFalco's when we get a cannoli craving.

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