Cannoli Clash: DeFalco's Italian Deli vs. Something Sweet Bakery

Hey, where can you get a good cannoli (or a cannoli at all?!) in this town? Maybe it's the lack of a Little Italy enclave or perhaps cupcakes just took hold of the dessert market too quickly, but we absolutely love this classic Sicilian pastry and think it deserves more love than it gets in the Valley.

For this battle we compare a classic Italian preparation to a one with a seasonal twist: the regular (as opposed to their chocolate shelled) cannoli at DeFalco's and the eggnog cannoli at Something Sweet Bakery. Which "little tube" of creamy goodness will kick the competition?

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Heather Hoch
In This Corner: DeFalco's Italian Deli

The Setup: DeFalco's has been a family favorite for years because it's a little deli and grocer that has something for everyone. Whether you're craving Italian sweets, sandwiches or a big pile of pasta, you're sure to leave fat and happy. The deli is stuffed to the brim with shelves lined with authentic pastas, cans of tomatoes and other goodies for sale. The food is unpretentious and even a little Americanized, which is refreshing in a market full of upscale $20+ per plate hipster pasta joints and Olive Gardens.

The Good: DeFalco's cannoli had the perfect amount of crispy, flakiness surrounding their ricotta filling. Its cinnamony pastry and filling added a bit of flavorful depth to its basic components, while the diced cherries and chocolate chunks gave the extra push to the dessert's decadence.

The Bad: The ricotta filling, mixed with confectioner's sugar, was a little gritty. It's not a big complaint, but what we thought nonetheless.

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