Four Wines Under $6

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What to expect before you get to the checkout with your cheap wine.

Quail Oak Chardonnay
Price: Original price $6.99, Club card price $3.63 for a limited time.
Where to get it: Safeway
This is sort of a store-brand wine if you will, and rates slightly higher than Franzia boxed wine. Not great, not sink worthy either. It's a bit watery and a bit too acidic to pass for something more expensive so at regular price, we'd pass on this wine. When it's on the cheap side you might give it a whirl.
Bottom Line: Nearing okay.

Quail Creek Sauvignon Blanc 2009

Price: $5.99
Where to get it: Whole Foods
(Pardon the name similarity. Let's just say "Quail" must convey something to the majority of wine buyers.)
Up front you should know that the brand is owned by Bronco Wine Company, which also produces Trader Joe's "Two Buck Chuck" and they are about the fourth largest producer of wine in the United States. That being said this wine totally passes for something that you might pay $8 plus for. Really. This pale gold Sauvignon, while not amazing, is slightly buttery but a little dull. Feels like a Chardonnay, but not full of character. Drink in good company.
Bottom Line: Okay

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