Four Wines Under $6

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Wine on the cheap, worth it?

Feeling thrifty? Good, because this week we explore wines under $6-$7. You know, the ones no one really boasts about buying....but admit it, you do. These bottles cost less than an entire glass of wine a nice wine bar, so you pick one up at the grocer's in hopes you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Whether you're opening a less expensive bottle after going through a few nicer bottles at a party or just picking up something to enjoy with a frozen weekday meal, can you tell the difference? Truth be told, yes you can usually tell when you're drinking a $2 bottle of wine and sometimes its actually okay..... and sometimes it's not okay. We explore wines, two red, two white and give them the "okay" or "not okay" rating to save your palate from an upsetting surprise.

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La Delizia Pinot Noir 2011
Price: $5.99
Where to get it: Total Wine
This is a pretty sweet Pinot Noir with fresh flavors of raspberry and cherry. If you brought it to a party, virtually no one would guess you paid less than $6 before tax. It is "thin" and very drinkable and while it won't please everyone, it should be gone before the haters notice. You could drink this wine with a pizza on a weeknight to unwind or you could pair it with appetizers for a fancier event.
Bottom Line: Okay

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Photo by Kate Crowley.
Three Wishes deserves the drain.

Three Wishes Merlot
Price: $2.99
Where to get it: Whole Foods
At first glance you might think "Oh everyone loves Merlot." And yes, while Merlot has become the beauty queen of red wines--this Merlot is not quite so pretty. It tastes like communion wine. Seriously, it met the sink. I had high hopes for Three Wishes as I've had their Chardonnay before and didn't recall recoiling in the way I did when tasting their Merlot. Even if you drink this after several glasses of good Merlot, you still might wake up regretting the decision to imbibe.
Bottom Line: Not okay.

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