Chow Bella's Gift Guide for the Beer Lover

Hydro Flask
Though Arizona's current growler policy states that breweries and bars can only fill glass containers, the law's bound to change pretty soon. When it does, you'll want to get your geek a Hydro Flask, the growler of the future. Made from food-grade stainless steel, the 64-ounce growler has a wide mouth for gulping and vacuum insulation that can keep beer cold for days.
Price: $50

A Good Night's Sleep
Along with adding flavor, aroma and bitterness to beer, whole hop flowers can actually act as a natural sedative -- a simple whiff can encourage a gentle trip to Sleepytown. In fact, the aroma of good quality hops is such an effective soporific that people who farm the flowers often get sleepy on the job. If your beer geek has trouble counting Zs, build him a hop pillow. All it takes is a small muslin bag filled with whole hop cones tucked inside the pillowcase -- cheap, easy, effective. Ready-made versions like the one above are also available. Sweet dreams.
Price: Around $10 for homemade versions, around $30 for pre-made

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