Battle Fries: Joe's Farm Grill vs. Bourbon Steak

We've covered the battle of sweet potato fries and done the McDonald's vs. Wendy's taste test, and now we're back to put two two big gun fry makers up against the ketchup -- and each other.

This snack/side classic is simple: potatoes, oil and salt. For this battle we made one concession, the use of pepper. Other than that- no dipping, no smothering, NO MERCY. That means no ketchup and certainly no poutine, got it? Allright, let's get it on!

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In This Corner: Joe's Farm Grill

Heather Hoch
The Setup: Joe's Farm Grill is easily one of the best burger joints in town. With a clean, retro vibe and both picnic and indoor seating, this south Gilbert gem feels like stepping into a time warp to simpler times when all food, even the fried stuff, was farm fresh. Since the menu has something for everyone, including healthy and vegetarian options, Joe's is a great place for families--and their clientele shows it. The counter service only setting and quick ticket turnover times make it a great alternative to both its fast food and upscale compatriots. Not to mention the quality to price ratio.

The Good: Joe's fries match pretty much everything else, from food to décor, in the place. They're a completely classic and perfected take on an old favorite. The audibly crunchy outside makes every bite satisfying. The inside is fluffy and actually tastes of potato, not just salty grease. Speaking of salt, each fry has just the right amount of seasoning so we didn't even need to dip them in anything--the true test of a phenomenal fry. Overall, they're the kind of fries we could, but probably shouldn't, enjoy every day.

The Bad: Our fry obsession makes critique difficult. However, we will say that the $4 price tag on a side of fries seems a little steep, considering they're so basic. A fry without fancy schmancy dipping sauces or anything other than potatoes, oil and salt doesn't seem like it would be so pricey. The best deal is to get one of their juicy, flavorful burgers for , which comes with a side of fries.

Location Info

Joe's Farm Grill

3000 E. Ray Road, Gilbert, AZ

Category: Restaurant

Bourbon Steak

7575 E. Princess Drive, Scottsdale, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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Jared Slaff
Jared Slaff

Haven't tried either yet, but Lim's Chinese Buffet on Cave Creek & Greenway Road makes the most bomb fries for a Chinese buffet..!

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