Astor House in Phoenix Is Hosting a Cocktail Class this Saturday

Astor House
Cinnabar Coast
Attention holiday hosts: there's still a chance to wow your guests this season with a little help from the Astor House. The cozy dinning spot tucked away in the Coronado district of Central Phoenix is offering an intimate cocktail class this Saturday at 4 p.m. led by house bartender Blaise Faber.

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Astor House
Alien's Blood

Astor House aims to offer cocktail classes on a monthly basis, and past cocktail classes have covered how to make a proper mint julep, a heated Manhattan, and a Pimms cup. Each class includes five cocktails, generally tied together with a theme: whisky, gin, etc.

In a class of up to 15 people, guests learn to mix classic cocktails with contemporary ones, as well as discover the history and importance of method behind each drink; which for Blaise Faber, is crucial:

"People leave learning stirring does indeed change the drink, over shaking - thanks a lot, Mr. Bond! I shouldn't muddle mint in my julep?  No, sir.  We make so many things in small batches - bitters, cordials, liqueurs, infusions and more - by hand, at Astor / Tuck [Shop], and people still don't know that, but it makes for an explosively tasty drink."

Location Info

Astor House: Coronado 'Cue & Southern Speakeasy

2243 N. 12th St., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Music

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