Screaming, Expletives, and, Eventually, Police: All in the First Night of Kitchen Nightmares Taping at Amy's Baking Company

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A portion of the comments at
"She was yelling and screaming 'get the fuck out' and saying if we weren't going to pay for our drinks, she was going to call the cops. She called me a 'tough guy' and said, 'You better correct your acting skills if you're trying to get on TV.' The producer said he would pay for our bill and that we should leave."

The diner adds, "The producers told me they had never seen anything like this."

When the diner and his partner walked out, he says the Scottsdale police were already on the scene and tells me they were responding to a 911 hangup call he presumes was made by Amy. He goes on to say he heard Amy tell the police she had been "set up."

To add to the evening's disaster, the diner says he never did get to see Gordon Ramsay.

When I called Samy to ask for his side of the story, he told me couldn't talk to me because "Ramsay was there."

A call to one of the producers of the show has not yet been returned.

The Scottsdale Police Department confirms for Chow Bella they came out to Amy's Baking Company on Saturday evening following a 911 hangup call. They concluded everything was fine and left without making a report.

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Amy's Baking Company

7366 E. Shea Blvd., Scottsdale, AZ

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Annemarie Brown
Annemarie Brown

Well this is a weird episode of Game of Thrones, Amy's Baking Company just popped up on the map

Derrick Pendergast
Derrick Pendergast

Hitler goes to Amy's Baking Company | JACKIE'S "HOW TO" BAZAAR: Sorry about the typos, but I was typing _fast_...


@GordonRamsay I've used your Amy's Baking Company show to teach my students the definition of poor management. Left me in awe!

Yahweh X
Yahweh X

@bouzagloabc After you "set the record straight" on Amy's Baking Company, maybe you could help O.J. find Nicole's real killer.

Marius Thorsen
Marius Thorsen

Tør ikke gå å legge meg etter å ha sett Ramsey vs Amy's Baking Company.

C. Robert Cargill
C. Robert Cargill

Well, yesterday was another epic level disaster. But enough about Amy's Baking Company's PR firm already quitting, there was also a tornado.

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