Screaming, Expletives, and, Eventually, Police: All in the First Night of Kitchen Nightmares Taping at Amy's Baking Company

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The scene of Saturday night's taping of Kitchen Nightmares.

Yelpers went nuts over the weekend -- and guess who was the topic? Amy Bouzaglo of Amy's Baking Company in Scottsdale, who apparently cooked up a storm on Saturday.

In fact, I reached out to one diner who was at Saturday night's taping of Kitchen Nightmares at Amy's. He got a very real dose of reality television -- more than he bargained for, actually.

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Although he had heard about owner Amy Bouzaglo's reputation, the diner, who wishes to remain anonymous because of a confidentiality agreement he signed for the show's producers, tells me he was more a fan of the FOX reality show -- in which British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay spends a week with a failing restaurant to try and bring it back to life -- and wanted to be a part of it. What he didn't count on was the chaos that happened that evening.

"I couldn't believe it was real," he says.

Samy and Amy Bouzaglo of Amy's Baking Company.
The scene started almost immediately.

"It was very tense," the diner tells me, "you could hear Amy [Bouzaglo] yelling in the kitchen and Samy [Bouzaglo's husband] was running all over the dining room. Other tables were complaining and people were leaving because they were waiting so long for their food. My partner and I had reservations for 6:45. By 9:30, we still hadn't received our pizza."

Thinking the drama might be part of the show, the diner talked to one of the show's producers, who confirmed that what was happening was real.

Still without pizza, the diner went up to the cash register to talk to Samy, who was arguing with another customer. When Samy saw the diner, he told him his pizza was coming. When the diner answered that Samy had told the diner that an hour ago, Samy responded by saying, "Why don't you go fuck yourself."

And, according to the diner, it wasn't long before Amy came out to see what was happening.

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Annemarie Brown
Annemarie Brown

Well this is a weird episode of Game of Thrones, Amy's Baking Company just popped up on the map

Derrick Pendergast
Derrick Pendergast

Hitler goes to Amy's Baking Company | JACKIE'S "HOW TO" BAZAAR: Sorry about the typos, but I was typing _fast_...


@GordonRamsay I've used your Amy's Baking Company show to teach my students the definition of poor management. Left me in awe!

Yahweh X
Yahweh X

@bouzagloabc After you "set the record straight" on Amy's Baking Company, maybe you could help O.J. find Nicole's real killer.

Marius Thorsen
Marius Thorsen

Tør ikke gå å legge meg etter å ha sett Ramsey vs Amy's Baking Company.

C. Robert Cargill
C. Robert Cargill

Well, yesterday was another epic level disaster. But enough about Amy's Baking Company's PR firm already quitting, there was also a tornado.

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