Zagat's 10 Best Restaurants in Phoenix and Scottsdale Gets Some Right, Overlooks Others

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Sarah Whitmire
Just in time for the holidays, Zagat, the restaurant review website, has compiled its list of the ten best restaurants in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

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Based on a recent survey of consumer-based ratings and reviews, Zagat's new list of the top 10 spots to dine in Phoenix and Scottsdale includes the expected as well as a couple of surprises. But some restaurants, sadly, are overlooked.

Not surprisingly, Kai (now sans exec chef Michael O'Dowd), Binkley's Restaurant, and Quiessence Restaurant and Wine Bar took the top three spots on the list. Other familiar entries include Noca, Tarbell's, and FnB.

More unexpected restaurants include Eddie V's Prime Seafood and Hana Japanese Eatery. But perhaps the most curious aspect of the list were the restaurants which seemed to be overlooked. James Beard Award semifinalist Shin Bay comes to mind, as does Nobuo at Teeter House, The Mission, and Crudo.

Chris Bianco was M.I.A. as well. Both Pizzeria Bianco and his new Italian Restaurant didn't make the cut.

Here's the complete list of Zagat's 10 best restaurants in Phoenix and Scottsdale:

1. Kai

2. Binkley's Restaurant

3. Quiessence Restaurant and Wine Bar

4. Noca

5. Barrio Cafe

6. Tarbell's

7. Eddie V's Prime Seafood

8. FnB Restaurant

9. Hana Japanese Eatery

10. Vincent on Camelback

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Crudo?  Please.

Italian Restaurant definitely deserves a look, but early reviews seem to get in the way.


Atlas Bistro BYOB should be on this list. The only reason they're not is because they are not a free standing restaurant. Just thinking about the food at Atlas gets me drooling! 


1. KAI has lost its chef to downtown Sheraton now, so what's the point? And maybe we went on a bad night before but his #1 dish, lobster degustation, was barely palatable. Joel Robuchon this kid isn't.  2. Where is a locally owned steakhouse on this list? How about Donovan's on Camelback, with one of the most amazing wine lists in the valley?  3. Vincent is good, but at what point does decor overtake the food? Just sayin.


I take it as a good sign there's enough fantastic restaurants in town that there is some debate over the list. 

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