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Lauren Saria
Wine with dinner

The meal comes with a healthy (ok, probably more than healthy) serving of wine and when booze starts flowing, so does the conversation. Soon enough we've gotten from whatever food and pie related talk we started with, to politics, the "S-word" (Starbucks) and what it really takes to be successful as an independent restaurant.

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Lauren Saria
Turns out Senior got a lot to say about the revitalization of downtown and what it means for her business - and her customers. She talks knowledgably and with enthusiasm about the importance and value of quirky, independently-owned restaurants. She knows what the Urban Beans clientele wants, but recognizes that restaurants can't be one-size-fits-all.

"They all have 'corks' in them," she says of independent restaurants. "But I know not everyone in Scottsdale wants that. Some people like the comfort of...the S-word."

The hours pass, the sun sets and Dakota (Senior's white Greyhound) drops in and out of the conversation, though he's clearly not interested in any of our topics of choice. We're a plastic cup or two deep in the pleasant South American white wine when we finally rise - slowly - to take our leave. If the food and drink and great conversation are anything like what Senior's got planned for her wine bar, we have a good feeling the people will come.

"I want it to be a little sigh inside of Phoenix," Senior describes. "I want it to be a destination."

Lauren Saria
Senior's greyhound, Dakota

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