Virginia Senior Makes Poached Eggs Over Swiss Chard

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Lauren Saria

As she talks about the project, menu planning and restaurant renovations Senior's passion for her craft becomes increasingly clear. It's obvious she's spent hours thinking about every detail of the plans, which is good. Expanding a business, even a successful one, in the struggling economy is a gamble, but Senior is far from naive. She's been riding the ups and downs for years and yet, it hasn't seemed to dampen her spirit for the business one bit.

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Lauren Saria
"The way I describe it is Urban Beans is bringing her little sister in," Senior explains. "And eventually, she'll become the big sister."

We've been hanging out for a while now, and it's finally time to get down to the cooking - if you can call it cooking. Really, it's more "urban camping" since she'll be cooking with nothing more than a table, induction burner and a small selection of grade-A ingredients.

With Swiss chard, garlic, eggs, cracked black pepper and a little hot sauce, Senior prepares what she describes as a "country peasant dish." She sautés the chard in garlic and oil and uses the water from within the leafy greens to poach the eggs on top.

"Did you get this recipe from somewhere?" we ask as we watch the elegantly, simple mean come together.

The answer is no and we feel a pang of guilt for all the times we've gotten take out because "there's nothing in the pantry." We learn Senior's knack for elevating simple ingredients will become a prominent feature of the Tertio menu. Though she's a vegetarian, Senior's been playing around with bacon wrapped figs and roasts. Combined with the smells of roasting garlic, it's enough to get our stomachs rumbling.

Lauren Saria
Garlic sauted Swiss chard with a poached egg, cracked pepper and hot sauce

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