5 Ways to Survive the Twinkie Apocalypse

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Make Your Own

The Twinkie Apocalypse, like the Zombie Apocalypse, means self-survival and know-how. Thankfully, for the former, you don't need a crowbar, you just need this recipe from the how-to site Instructables to make Twinkies your own damn self. Here's what makes it better than the rest:

"This Twinkie recipe came from hard work and laborious testing (of the other various copycat twinkie recipes posted all over the internet). This Twinkie recipe combines the winningest recipes for best cake and best filling from the Epic 2010 Homemade Twinkie Challenge. Finally, I have combined the two in one ultimate Twinkie Recipe, guaranteed to please, according to the very scientific results from our challenge."

The shelf life is shorter, but they'll probably taste better. Bookmark and be glad.

(Via: The Huffington Post, The Consumerist, Instructables, Buzzfeed)

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