5 Ways to Survive the Twinkie Apocalypse

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Since Hostess announced it was closing its doors for good, fans of the Texas-based snack maker have done a deep-dive into a serious pool of crazy worrying about the fate of the beloved Twinkie.

Photographing the last one seen in a store, spending every last dime to stuff as many of them into a shopping cart as possible, the hellish ache for a snack you barely thought about until someone said it wouldn't be around anymore: these are the realities of a Twinkie Apocalypse.

And surviving it -- until another company purchases the brand name (likely) or mankind is threatened with extinction (unlikely, that will be done by zombies) -- means knowing your options.

Here are five of them.

Buy Them Online (Gazillionaires Only)

If too-tight diamond shoes and a solid gold rocket car on the fritz are two of your current problems at the moment, you most likely have the means to afford a $200,000 Twinkie Double Pack of "sweet delicious mouth gold" being sold online. Thanks to a crazy-inflated "black market," the Interwebs are awash with Twinkies being sold for staggering amounts of green. Some of the most entertaining ebay listings for the snack can be seen here sporting headings such as "Blessed Twinkie," "Signed by Charles Barkley," and "Buy Twinkies and Help Me Get My New Lungs."

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