Thanksgiving Regrets? At Least You Didn't Have Tur-Twinkie

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If you are still nursing a Thanksgiving food hangover, consider how much worse it would have been if your turkey had also pushed you into a diabetic emergency. That is the very real problem presented by a New York caterer who unveiled a Twinkie-stuffed Turkey just in time for Thanksgiving.

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Perhaps more distressingly, he describes this Hostess treat-sheathed bird as being a family tradition that he has been "serving for years." In the video below, the caterer describes how he blend Twinkies directly into his stuffing. Twinkie's mysterious vanilla "cream" filling is smeared on the skin of the bird with a little honey to give you the kind of glaze that can only come from high fructose corn syrup and partially hyrdogenated fats.

While the prospect of eating a Twinkie infused Turkey doesn't strike us as particularly appetizing, the CNN reporter who drew the short straw seems to enjoy herself. It is telling that she notes that neither the stuffing nor the glazed bird tasted particularly like Twinkies. Perhaps future versions of this bird should be injected directly liquid Twinkie in an effort to truly capture the "golden sponge cake" flavor that Woody Harrelson's character in Zombieland craved so dearly.

Of course with Hostess, the makers of Twinkie's and other cardiac arrest tempting deserts, winding down their operations in the near future it's any wonder if future iterations of the Tur-Twinkie will exist only for those wealthy enough to afford the exorbitant prices being asked on eBay.

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