Tour de Coops Is Saturday, November 10: Here's a Preview of Three Awesome Chicken Coops on the Tour

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Katie Johnson
Derrick Pacheco

You may know Derrick Pacheco from his business Hood Ride Bike Shop, which once occupied space at 5th Street and Roosevelt. Pacheco incorporates discarded bicycle scraps to make up his expanding chicken coop. Ensuring that almost nothing goes to waste, Derrick and his girlfriend, Cindi, use the condensation run off from their A/C to hydrate the chickens, who in return supply the essential - er... nutrients, to the gardening compost.

Katie Johnson
Bill Bogle and Mark Morre

Bill and Mark have put together quite a little backyard oasis in their North Phoenix home - lush grass, an edible garden, a shaded swimming pool area and plenty of bamboo, which mainly gets eaten by the chickens. A few interesting notes about Bill and Mark's chickens? They keep their birds cool with a misting system installed in the coop. They also have a custom logo they stamp on their more than farm fresh eggs. And when said eggs are used, they bake the discarded shells in a solar powered oven, feeding them back to the chickens for added calcium in their diets.

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