Top Five Phoenix Food Stories of the Week: Thanksgiving Edition

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What to serve with the bird.
Turkey/Wine Pairings for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving traditionally is a time to eat, drink and kick off the holiday season "right." That of course means wine. It can be tricky to pick a wine for Thanksgiving-- it's hard to please everyone.

Kimber Stonehouse, Director of Operations for Sportsman's Fine Wines & Spirits has some tips on what wines to serve with the bird.

What is key when choosing a wine to pair with a traditional Thanksgiving meal? "One of the most important factors in choosing a wine to pair with any meal is to remember that the wine needs to match more than the protein, in this case turkey or ham." says Stonehouse. After all, some will serve green bean casserole, others sweet potato.

Stonehouse recommends the following wines for Thanksgiving.

--Kate Crowley

5 Recipes for Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

As a kid I used to dread Thanksgiving leftovers. My parents, however, seemed to love them and would make us all feed off what seemed like an empty carcass for almost a week. Leftovers need not be so grim with Pinterest in your life. In fact, after taking a look at these leftover recipes you just might be inclined to set aside some leftovers on purpose.

Before getting into some more substantial bites, give your belly a little break from all the stuffing and try Thanksgiving Leftovers Salad. I think it's pure genius!

See more Thanksgiving leftover options.

--Laura Gill

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