Steven "Chops" Smith Dishes on the Weirdest Thing He Ever Ate (It Smells Bad) and Why He Loves Japanese Cuisine

Searsucker --chicken lollipops.jpg
Farm bird lollipops + snake bite hot sauce + bleu fondue
Five words to describe you: I'm a Taurus - stubborn, intense, passionate, artistic, crazy.

Five words to describe Searsucker: Eclectic, fun, vibrant, soulful, energetic.

Favorite food smell: Anything being pickled.

Favorite cookbook and why: The French Laundry Cookbook. It changed me and the rest of America's culinary world.

Name an ingredient you love to cook with and explain why: Avocado. It's creamy, delicate and delicious. Have you ever had avocado-banana guacamole? Insanely rad.

Most over-rated ingredient: How does an ingredient get over-rated and who decides??

Most under-rated ingredient: Vinegar. I finish everything with it. It's all about balance.

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Having had stinky tofu, I think you meant to quote "Merde!" not "Merit!"

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