After Only Six Months, Scottsdale's Prime Provisions to Close on Sunday

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Prime Provisions, we hardly knew ye.

Opened in May, the locavore-loving deli, on the southwestern corner of Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard and Scottsdale Road, is shuttering on Sunday afternoon.

Owned by Rick Fredrickson (and his first restaurant), Prime Provisions featured a breakfast and lunch menu of salads, sandwiches (including a build-your-own option), pasta, and soups. Ingredients were sourced from local farms, businesses, and distribution channels. Arizona beers and wines were available as well.

It sure sounded like a good idea. So what happened?

"The business was doing great," Fredrickson told me, "but our main investor decided to relocate his assets and we had to close."

Fredrickson, although disappointed, went on to say that he hopes to start over again somewhere new.

"I want to show people that it doesn't cost more to eat local," he said. "And it's good for the community, too."

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wherewasi topcommenter

He should go for one of the vacancies at the Esplanade.  They could use a reasonably priced GOOD breakfast and lunch spot.  How about looking at one of the spots vacated by Demo's, Tomatoes or Au Petite Four?  That is, assuming he can put together a decent meal for $10 or less, which is sorely lacking in that complex.  It's New City Market (which can't have a real kitchen because it's on the ground floor of the office building) or break out the credit card to pay $20 for a side salad and some mac and cheese at Del Frisco.    Demo's used to put out some great pasta dishes for around $10.  McCormick and Schmick used to have their "10 under $10" deals.  The taco place is okay, but it's not cheap either.  New City Market is the only place at the Esplanade to get something you could consider "breakfast" and that amounts to bagels and egg sandwiches.  There used to be several choices:  Seventh Heaven, Au Petite Four, Demo's, before that Cafe Express...Oh wait, I forgot the Starbuck's breakfast - an over-priced cup of coffee and a scone.  What was I thinking??


Scottsdale is over-saturated with resteraunts. 

Deanna Elliott
Deanna Elliott

I hope he comes back somewhere near biltmore|arcadia.


He missed the "7-P's" meeting at business school. Proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance.

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